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Who We Are

Lion Cura combines ancient ayurvedic principles with over 40 years of applied research. All of our proprietary formulas were developed by our team that has been working together for 28 years. We utilize micellized liposomal delivery systems and ionization in our tinctures to allow increased absorption and effectiveness.

Purity & Integrity

We’re on a mission to bring the very best healing tools to the world while leaving a positive impact on our environment. We create the purest, and most bioavailable formulations that you will actually feel. All of the farms we work with are either regenerative or biodynamic; sourcing only the very best ingredients for our tinctures. The Earth is a living breathing organism, and as cells in her body, we have a responsibility to care take the land and oceans so future generations can live in a bountiful world. By each of us doing our part, we can live in harmony with our environment and thrive as one family. 

Over 40 Years of Applied Research

Lion Cura is the life's work of our product development team. One of our founders spent the last 40 years immersed in the health field working with other scientific visionaries to create the very best formulations for longevity and healing. Our team has invested in the farms we work with which has helped us secure exclusive relationships for wild crafted, certified biodynamic, and certified organic ingredients from around the world. Our sourcing is unmatched because for 40 years we’ve held ourselves to a standard that the world is just now beginning to learn about and integrate. This is what sets us apart. We’ve never compromised our quality and we never will. We can make the claim that our products are the best because for decades, we’ve been committed to creating the most effective tools for healing. All of our formulas go through third party lab analysis testing for heavy metals, pesticides, pathogens,  and solvents. Customer safety is our top priority.

Maximum Effectiveness

With every blend we create, we’re focused on synergizing our ingredients; making sure that they work together to increase the overall healing potential. We enhance absorption through micellization, solventless extractions, and liposomal encapsulation. All of our plants are organic and extracted without the use of harsh chemical solvents, leaving us with nutrient rich ingredients that have not been damaged by solvents. Many of our ingredients are water extracted or freeze dried extracted by and each blend is custom formulated for maximum absorption. All of our tonics are bottled in Miron Glass which protects our formulas from UV exposure and oxidation. We’ve built our brand on the foundation of purity and integrity. Each member of our Lion Cura team shares the same vision of healing the world because we’ve each had our own individual journeys with restoring the body back to optimal health. We’re honored to be of service in a time when humanity is ready to heal and grow.


Being a performance athlete having optimal recovery is just as if not more important then the intense hours of training i put in day in and day out. I have always tried to take the right steps to optimize recovery but the Lion Cura Stress Relief Tonic and Tumeric formula have really helped increase my recovery time and decrease soreness which maybe the most important aspect of recovery and sleep better. It allows me to regenerate fully and get back training sooner and more efficiently. Lion Cura's products are now a part of my daily routine before bed!

Phil M.

“I was unsure about alternative medicine products at first because of my sobriety, but after learning about LionCura through a trusted friend I decided to try it out. I’ve been using it ever since to reduce my muscle soreness, social stress and help sleep better. I recommend LionCura to all my clients because it’s all natural, and non-psychoactive, not to mention it actually tastes great!” 

Kayla L.

I wanted to write you and tell you how much I love your products! I'm 52 years old and have a hard time sometimes getting back to sleep at night if I wake up. Now I just take my Lion Cura and I sleep awesome! I also put in my coffee in the morning if I'm anticipating a stressful day.

Thank you much for introducing me to this wonderful product!

Jennifer S.

I had been using the solution daily, and strictly orally, for a few weeks as I appreciate it and really love the effects it has on my central nervous system. Over the past few months I have been ramping up my activity level, full contact sparring once a week, pickup basketball, weights and running, I was dealing with a lot of pain in my feet and ankles - and most notably a toe injury that manifested from sparring. This became a nagging issue for about 3 weeks. Jordan recommended that I apply the solution directly to my toe injury. The next day I noticed the soreness went down considerably and in a couple of days I was feeling back at 100%. I love how versatile this product is and will continue to use it to fight inflammation. 

Max L.

I work a high stress job and I found Lion Cura at the Erewhon in Santa Monica across from
my office. I started off working with their stress relief blend and am now also working with the curcumin turmeric tea powder. I have to say my stress levels and mental clarity has been improving quite a bit from these herbal formulas. Lion Cura truly bring eastern and western medicine together in a unique way. I highly recommend this line to anyone looking for high quality organic herbal supplements. 

Josh B