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Who We Are

Lion Cura is an herbal supplement line that combines ancient ayurvedic principles and applied research. With over 40 years working deep in the health field, developing relationships with biochemists, doctors, herbalists and scientists around the world, we bring you our hand-picked most high quality and effective products in the world.

Over 40 Years Of Research

Lion Cura is the result of a lifetime of product development by our team. Our master alchemist spent the last 40 years working deep in the health field, developing relationships with biochemists, doctors, herbalists and scientists around the world.  Our team have invested in our farms, and this has helped us secure exclusive relationships with wild crafted, certified biodynamic, and certified organic ingredients from across the world. This type of sourcing is the result of a lifetime of work and is what sets our brand apart. We do not settle on any key attribute of our products. They are simply the best, and one can taste and feel this difference.

Maximum Effectiveness

We bring the DNA of the most healing plants from around the world and enhance their absorption through nanotechnology, therapeutic dose extracting, and the Lion Cura special biodynamic liposomal delivery. We also offer protocol on how to take these supplements to make sure they are not lost in the digestive tract. This line is truly age-defying if used properly, as we keep the DNA of the plants intact in our formulas, through NEVER USING SYNTHETIC SOLVENTS to extract our plants. We water extract our herbs and have two master herbalists with over 40 years experience each custom formulating. We use Miron glass to protect our formulas from oxidation as PRODUCT INTEGRITY IS OUR BIGGEST PRIORITY.

A Wide Variety of Naturopathic

Lion Cura produces a wide variety of the most potent and highly effective formulas for your every-day needs. Some of these include:

  • Reduction of stress
  • Anti Inflammatory
  • Muscle Soreness Relief
  • Anti Anxiety
  • Relief of Insomnia symptoms
  • Rich in Anti Aging Nutrients
  • Supports joint health
  • Detox


Being a performance athlete having optimal recovery is just as if not more important then the intense hours of training i put in day in and day out. I have always tried to take the right steps to optimize recovery but the Lion Cura CBD and Tumerik formula have really helped increase my recovery time and decrease inflammation which maybe the most important aspect of recovery and sleep better. It allows me to regenerate fully and get back training sooner and more efficiently. My CBD intake is now a part of my daily routine before bed!

Phil M.

“I was unsure about using CBD at first because of my sobriety, but after learning about LionCura CBD through a trusted friend I decided to try it out. I’ve been using it ever since to reduce my muscle inflammation, social anxiety and help sleep better. I recommend LionCura to all my clients because it’s all natural, and non-psychoactive, not to mention it actually tastes great!” 

Kayla L.

I wanted to write you and tell you how much I love your CBD oil and tablets. I'm 52 years old and have a hard time sometimes getting back to sleep at night if I wake up. Now I just take my CBD and I sleep awesome! I also put in my coffee in the morning if I'm anticipating a stressful day.

Thank you much for introducing me to this wonderful product!

Jennifer S.

I had been using the solution daily, and strictly orally, for a few weeks as I appreciate it as a complement to the other cannabis products I consume. Over the past few months I have been ramping up my activity level, full contact sparring once a week, pickup basketball, weights and running, I was dealing with a lot of pain in my feet and ankles - and most notably a toe injury that manifested from sparring. This became a nagging issue for about 3 weeks. Jordan recommended that I apply the solution directly to my toe injury. The next day I noticed the inflammation went down considerably and in a couple of days I was feeling back at 100%. I love how versatile this product is and will continue to use it to fight inflammation. 

Max L.

I work a high stress job and I found Lion Cura at the Erewhon in Santa Monica across from
my office. I started off working with their stress relief blend and am now also working with the curcumin turmeric tea powder. I have to say my anxiety and mental clarity has been improving quite a bit from these herbal formulas. Lion Cura truly bring eastern and western medicine together in a unique way. I highly recommend this line to anyone looking for high quality organic herbal supplements. 

Josh B