Dive into Adaptogenic Hemp Blend

Dive into Adaptogenic Hemp Blend

Emulsifying Maximizes Bioavailability While Improving Taste 

Lion Cura's nano-sizing/emulsifying process reduces the oil into ion-sized particles encased within our nutrient-rich biodynamic hydrosol water molecules. This allows easy absorption through cell membranes. In addition, the small size and hydrosol-encapsulation eliminates the oily taste often associated with CBD liquids.

We brought together the ingredients to complete our Ayurvedic formula from around the world. The organic, extra-virgin Coconut Oil is from Sri Lanka, the Organic Fenugreek and Organic Berberis Aristata extracts are imported from India. We import our Organic Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil from Australia, and after much searching we found Organic, Raw, Unfiltered Wildflower Honey in Brazil. The trace minerals and Ionic Copper Solution are from the USA, and our Rosemary and Lavender hydrosols are estate-bottled for us at Sophia’s Garden, an exclusive biodynamic farm in Sebastopol, California.

Our CO2 oils are extracted using the advanced gentle low-pressure Super critical CO2 process that retains the natural benefits of each plant. This extraction method uses medical-grade CO2, with no heat, solvents, or harsh chemicals.

Most of the ingredients in our CBD Tonic are formulated just for Lion Cura. You won’t see petroleum-based or conventional glycerin, sunflower oil, or the other inexpensive, lower-quality carrier oils commonly used in the industry. Instead, we choose to use ingredients such as rare organic Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil harvested and processed per our specification, rich in beneficial nutrients, synergistic importance and preservative properties. We use true organic, biodynamically grown and processed Rosemary and Lavender hydrosols to infuse the biodynamic vibration into our formula. You can be assured that here at Lion Cura, we put the same care and passion into our CBD Tonic as we do into everything we make.