Our Lion Cura team come from the organic supplement industry. Our productr development team is headed by a naturopathic doctor and a master herbalist that have been working together for 27 years, our team decided to take on the booming full spectrum extracts industry when we saw the industry expanding rapidly, and had some major concerns about these following issues among others:

  • Lack of quality of product on the market
  • Synthetic solvents such as hexane being used in the extraction process
  • Synthetic emulsifiers being used in the emulsification process
  • Companies faking COAs in order to sell product from overseas fronted as safe domestic product
  • Lack of bio availability in products while still making major health claims
  • Oxidized product being sold on shelves of local shops (oxidized oils are very inflammatory to the body)

After four years of product development, our team have created a variety of wholesale products meant for other businesses to formulate with.

Please reach out to our team at:


310 213 6505

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