Spark of Life - Fulvic Acid + Trace Ocean Minerals

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The spark of life. The spark plug that boosts electrolyte activity in your body and cells. Trace minerals have amazing benefits that are hard to put in words, including but not limited to enhancing pineal gland function, and detoxifying heavy metals. LC’s proprietary mineral blend is nano-sized for optimal bioavailability, allowing these minerals to pass the blood-brain barrier. These ancient ionic fulvic minerals help clean up the junk building up in your cells and keep you looking young.

How to take:

2 droppers diluted in water or other beverage, dispersed throughout the day. May also be used to revitalize drinking water by adding 2 pumps per gallon of water.

Potential Benefits:

  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Reduces Toxins from Entering the Cells

Ingredients: Fulvic Minerals, Ancient Ocean- Derived Liquid Magnesium Chloride

This product contains 33 servings.